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Abbeywood Retail Park


Filton, about 5 miles North of- the centre of Bristol, is actually in Gloucestershire, and until 1900, was a small farming village centred round a 12th Century church, with a small railway station. Before WW1, tram production started in the village, later changing to an aeroplane and aero-engine manufacture, and during the war, an airfield was constructed here.

The village expanded and became part of Bristol during the inter-war years, as the aircraft factory also grew, and the RAF stationed a squadron there from 1929. The Second World War brought huge changes to the whole area; concrete runways constructed replacing the old grass ones and further expansion of the factories building aero parts; this unfortunately led to a serious bombing raid in 1940 causing major damage and loss of life.

The town didn’t expand much after the war, but the aerodrome did – many of the post-war aeroplanes were either built or operated and maintained there, including the Concorde. The trading estate now found on the eastern side of the town grew during the 1970s, and as the town again grew, helped provide employment for the residents.

The Abbeywood Retail Park was built during the 1990s, followed by the huge Abbey Wood MOD complex next door to it. This retail park was home to a number of retail chain stores, and was a thriving shopping centre, being easily accessible from the M4, M32 and M5. However, by 2010, it was losing its edge to other retail centres nearby, and some of its anchor outlets had closed, so a full refurbishment was due.

Central to the new designs were healthy trees in the car park and in front of the new stores; GreenBlue Urban was contacted to supply products from the Arborsystem solution range. A wide range of different tree species were planted in the central car park area, and on the plaza areas in front and between the stores, and have thrived and prospered, which provides a beautiful backdrop to this shopping centre – completing the retail experience in a pleasant environment.