BBC Roath Lock - GreenBlue Urban

BBC Roath Lock


BBC’s £25m new Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff opened in record time. In just 13 months, 175,000 square foot of HD-ready studios were constructed and fitted out providing purpose-built studios for four flagship BBC dramas.

GreenBlue Urban structural RootCell systems were specified for this prestigious development to create adequate tree root volumes, extending beneath the hard landscaped areas, to ensure optimum tree establishment and growth in this demanding coastal location.

GBU worked with the landscape architect who recommended that 154 trees, appropriate to the urban and climatic conditions should be planted using the GBU Arborsystem package which incorporates long term irrigation and aeration provision and underground guying systems to ensure tree stability on this very exposed site.

Due to the unpredictable location of some of the underground services, design flexibility for the layout of each individual tree pit was essential. The RootCell modules proved ideal for working around obstructions and creating high-value rooting volume for long term tree health.

Both contractor and client commented favourably on GreenBlue Urban’s on-site support service and the speed with which the tree planting packages were assembled, facilitating one of the more complex aspects of the project.

BBC Wales and the Assembly Government anticipate that moving the broadcaster’s biggest productions to Roath Basin will help to kick-start the development of the last totally undeveloped area of Cardiff Bay.