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In recent years, the amount of traffic in the inner city of Leeuwarden, Netherlands has greatly increased. This, combined with a lack of space in the downtown location, caused a major parking issue.

Major redevelopments in the city of Leeuwarden, Netherlands included multiple street trees. However, these trees were unfortunately planted in compacted soil which created unfavorable growing conditions. As a result, the trees were unable to sufficiently anchor themselves and during the autumn storm of 2013, twelve trees were completely uprooted. In the reconstruction after this storm event, the local government counted on GreenBlue products to provide an adequate and sustainable solution to the replanting of the trees to help reduce the possibility of this happening again. The StrataCell offered that solution by prevent soil compaction and creating enough healthy growing medium for the tree's roots to properly establish the trees.

The high level of expertise and consulting offered to the City of Leeuwarden made for an excellent experience and a very good relationship with the local government.

For more information on this project, contact our Netherlands partner, Joosten Kunststoffen.