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Newmarket, Grosvenor Road


Grosvenor Yard Car Park is in the town of Newmarket, Suffolk, approximately 65 miles north of London.

As we have seen from a previous case study All Saints School, the operating water board for the region is Anglian Water.  Back in late 2019 we were in direct contact with Andy Bird and Emma Richardson from Anglian who were working collaboratively with West Suffolk Council to develop a long-term strategy to manage the stormwater flows of Newmarket.

Initial meetings ascertained that this particular car park had an approximate catchment area of 1,960 square meters and the amount of attenuation required was 33 cubic meters based on a 1:30 year event.

After preliminary Tree Pit discussions with the project designers Groundwork, it was soon suggested that Anglian consider the soon to be launched Rain Garden solution the HydroPlanter.  All workings regarding the HydroPlanter were discussed including correct depths, the correct use of soil, protection against vehicle overrun and pedestrian hazard.  GreenBlue were also able to assist with flow rates using the hydraulic modelling guidance as supported by MicroDrainage.

Unfortunately, the installation was put on hold, however, we were pleased that the opportunity had been passed to tender by the local authority.

<GreenBlue were delighted that the council had agreed with the recommendation of the use of HydroPlanters and at the end of April 21 for 4 weeks the car park was closed for the new drainage system to be incorporated along with resurfacing, relining and a new footpath.

Assisting with the installation GreenBlue supported contractors DW Surfacing with the rain garden solution that 4 starter, 4 End and 7 continuation modules, specialised AborSoil Hydro for SuDS pits along with required Weir walls for onsite safety and protection.

Also onsite was Cheryl Froud from West Suffolk County Council, overseeing this exciting new drainage installation, asked if there were any constraints on site:-

Yes, digging down we found an old Well which we left alone and covered the hole back over. There were several utility services within the car park and near to the new planters. Hand digging was carried out and the planters made to fit around these.

On the plans the scheme looked complicated but when the works were carried out, the installation was quite simple.

Complementing the final look of the scheme and recommending for future use, Cheryl highlighted: -
They have made the car park more appealing, broken up all the tarmac etc. 
Commending Anglian Water and West Suffolk for pursuing a new and innovative solution we recommend others to follow suit – there are more options available than just storage, let’s soften our environments and consider amenity and biodiversity moving forward.

Should you wish to discover more – book a dedicated SuDS/HydroPlanter CPD today!