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Plaza Eucaliptus


The Plaza Eucaliptus project was proposed to renovate and improve a rundown plaza surrounded by living quarters in the form of high rise condos, while supplying a playground area with trees.

A potential problem for the plan of these trees however, was a lack of softscape area. Due to the high pedestrian traffic area above and an underground parking area below, the entire plaza is hardsacpe.

The main municipal design company, Bagursa, partnered with an international architectural company called Intraesa and came up with an innovative design using the StrataCell as the construction base for the tree pits and combining them in the design for a circular bench area. The other tree pits all had StrataCells to increase the soil volume, coupled with the ReRoot ribbed root barrier, RootDirector, and the RootRain Urban irrigation and aeration system.

This system of modular load bearing cells enabled the architects to obtain a vast uncompacted soil volume for all the trees even though it was set on a solid concrete structure and there was a very shallow soil area. Using a hot rubber mix they were able to make the RootDirector a colourful feature in the plaza instead of a hidden item never to be appreciated.