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Streetsville Village Square


Referred to as “the village in the city”, Streetsville is a historic village within the city of Mississauga. Just minutes away from Toronto, it serves as a quaint getaway from city life.

The Streetsville BIA (Business Improvement Association) sought to improve the appeal of the historic core’s Main Street, to draw visitors to the area and promote business for the local shops. The design process developed in 2013 by PMA Landscape Architects, with construction undertaken in 2014. The scope of the project entailed the realignment of the road, complete resurfacing of pedestrian and vehicular areas with flush curbed unit pavers, custom pedestrian lights, abundance of shade trees, a custom architectural canopy structure complete with special AV opportunities – ultimately creating a pedestrian-priority space that has the flexibility to be closed off seasonally for special events and large gatherings. The project utilized the full GreenBlue ArborSystem, as well as removable stainless steel bollards.

“The project was intended to support the Town’s goal in making the Main Street Plaza a significant node in Mississauga’s larger Culture Master Plan framework,” explained Fung Lee from PMA Landscape Architects. “Initial thoughts were the astonishing realization that the required amount of soil volume would basically create a large continuous trench that would support nearly the entirety of the pedestrian areas. Therefore the StrataCells had to support the pavers at the surface,” Lee continued. The design linked several tree pits together with GreenBlue StrataCells under a concrete sub-base with the paving stone surface above. “I had high expectations about the StrataCell system being that we have had experience with the product before,” Lee noted. GreenBlue assisted the landscape architect by providing full layout design, details, and ballpark costing on the soil cells for the tree planting.

At first the plan was to use a permeable surface, however this was changed to include RootRain Linear Drains with the PavingStone Grate and Belleview Tree Guard, incorporating integral electrical pedestals provided by GreenBlue. The desired result for the project was fully achieved, and a commemorative Remembrance Day event (photo above) was held in the plaza and was a huge success based on the turnout. The project had some known challenges with below ground utilities and the StrataCell System met these very well. “Compared to other methods of soil cells, the StrataCell is more flexible in accommodating existing and new underground piping, as well as future servicing of these pipes,” explained Lee.