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Webinar – FOI: Designing for Successful SuDs

Festival of Ideas: Designing for Successful SuDs

SuDS systems can work on practically any scale; from plot-level components like rainwater harvesting and green roofs, to very large schemes that include a number of SuDS systems working together.

GreenBlue host key speakers within the SuDS industry detailing methods used and highlighting collaboration and early insight that will enable developers to gain ROI for successful development.

Date/Time: Friday 5th February 2021 – 10:00am-11:00am




Howard Gray, PR & Specification Consultant, GreenBlue Urban

Session Title: Scaling on developments – Intro to MicroSuDS 

Session Description: Howard introduces methods that would assist developers and ensure ROI and a successful scheme.

Speaker Bio

With nearly 40 years of experience planting trees in urban settings, Howard carries out CPD presentations and site visits to assist contractors, Planners and Architects with their tree planting projects.

Guest Speaker

Jo Bradley, Director of Operations, Stormwater Shepherds UK 

Session Title: Water Quality – getting the design right 

Session Description: Jo will describe how to select a water quality treatment device for your SuDS designs, and then how to decide how big the treatment devices should be, and how often they might need to be maintained. 

Speaker Bio

Jo Bradley has enjoyed a 30-year career in pollution prevention. She focusses on pollution from towns and cities and has a particular interest in the pollution from road runoff.  Her recent move to Stormwater Shepherds UK allows her to concentrate her efforts on reducing plastic pollution from litter and from tyre-wear particles. 


Guest Speaker

Anthony McCloy, Director, McCloy Consulting

Session Title: Retrofit SuDS – A SuDS Designers thoughts on sizing

Speaker Bio

Anthony is Managing Director of McCloy Consulting, a company who provide specialist services in sustainable drainage, flood risk and contaminated land.  

Anthony has contributed to National Policy and Guidance, and co-authored SuDS design and evaluation guidance for 20 Local Authorities in England. Anthony is involved in the design of innovative SuDS retro-fit schemes and is currently responsible for delivery Natural Flood Management schemes.  


Guest Speaker

Faye Gennard, Director and Civil Engineer, Rennard Consulting Limited

Session Title: The importance of getting to know your site and pre-planning design

Session Description: Faye discusses how drainage is the potentially one of the most critical elements within a development with early discussions a must for a successful outcome.

Speaker Bio

Faye Gennard, is a Chartered Civil Engineer who has over 10 years’ experience within the water sector. She recently founded Rennard Consulting Limited which is a drainage consultancy that specialises in Pre-planning design and works with her clients to help them make each drop count.


Guest Speaker

Kevin Barton, Landscape Architect, Robert Bray Associates

Session Title: A Major Mindshift 

Session Description: The most fundamental secret to designing better SuDS is treating rainfall as an opportunity to create better places rather than a problem to be solved. This session will explore the influence of this approach on successful SuDS schemes using the management of rainwater to create climate-resilient landscapes that benefit communities and wildlife. 

Speaker Bio

Kevin is a landscape architect and director of Robert Bray Associates – an award-winning landscape architecture studio specialising in climate-resilient, water sensitive design.   

Their projects seamlessly and inventively fuse water, people, place and wildlife to create exciting, dynamic and playful landscapes that come alive when it rains.