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FOI: Biodiversity in New Housing

Festival of Ideas: Biodiversity in New Housing

Friday 16th July, 10AM BST

The UK is in the middle of a huge house-building programme, during an ecological and climate emergency. How can new developments deliver more for nature and climate resilience?

NHBC Foundation has recently published the report Biodiversity in new housing developments: creating wildlife-friendly communities. Climate change is the challenge of our time and this, combined with the Governments demands for volume house building is a balancing act that all housebuilders and developers must consider. It’s essential that housing developments are built sustainably, have a positive impact on wildlife and adopt nature-based solutions as we transition to a sustainable future


Howard Gray, PR & Specification Consultant, GreenBlue Urban

Speaker Bio

With nearly 40 years of experience planting trees in urban settings, Howard carries out CPD presentations and site visits to assist contractors, Planners and Architects with their tree planting

Guest Speaker

Alex Taylor

Technical Specialist, NHBC

Alex is in the provision of energy rating services to housebuilders, providing advice on meeting the requirements of building regulations and EPCs for the completed properties.  In November 2020 Alex moved to Standards, Innovation & Research within NHBC where he is involved with NHBC’s Climate Change objectives part of this is liaising with housebuilders to understand the challenges they face as they transition to zero carbon homes and how this will impact the services NHBC provide.  He is also involved with the NHBC Foundation where he manages research being undertaken and the delivery of the publications that follow on.

Guest Speaker

Alex Pelton

Biodiversity Coordinator, Barratt Developments PLC

Having previously worked in ecological consultancy, Alex joined Barratt Developments 18 months ago as Biodiversity Coordinator. Working alongside the Group Design and Technical Team and RSPB, the key aspects to his role are in assisting with the delivery of Barratt’s Biodiversity Net Gain strategy, liaising with the Barratt divisions to design and deliver positive outcomes for biodiversity on schemes and assisting with the management of the Barratt-RSPB partnership and delivery of the partnership objectives.

Alex was also involved with the reviewing process of the NHBC Biodiversity Guide, in particular the case studies of BDW sites.

Guest Speaker

John Day

Urban Adviser for RSPB Sector Advice

John’s background is in general natural history, ecology, and commercial landscaping. having worked at RSPB for twenty-two years 15 of which as an urban adviser. He is a strong advocate for creating a climate-resilient built environment for communities and nature. In bringing the two together, he looks for opportunities to adapt the planned landscape and other development features to improve the nature and value of a place. Such examples being to bring the right people together to help deliver a bio solar roof on the David Attenborough Building in Cambridge and supporting role in the RSPB-Barratt Developments Plc partnership. He also co-authored the RSPB/WWT SuDS guide and more recently the NHBC guide – the subject of this webinar.

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