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Industry Collaboration for “The Green Up” Campaign

Pro Landscaper is launching a new campaign to help improve biodiversity within supermarket car parks. The Green Up Campaign is committed to seeing more green and less grey in supermarket car parks and is proudly sponsored by GreenBlue Urban, idverde and Hillier Trees.

Green Blue ArborSystem used at Cheshire Oaks.

Pro Landscaper magazine’s Rachael Forsyth, who is leading the campaign, commented: “The climate change movement is an unstoppable force – and so it should be. The global temperature is rising, ice sheets are shrinking, glaciers are retreating, sea levels are rising. Time’s up.

“Despite Tesco’s partnership with WWF, Aldi and M&S’ carbon neutrality – achieved in 2019 and 2012, respectively – and Sainsbury’s becoming a Principal Supermarket Partner of COP26, there doesn’t seem to be the same regard for what’s on their doorstep – and it’s pretty significant.

“There are 103,000 public and private surface car parks across the country which comprise a land area of 20,000ha. Of this, some 12,445 are owned by the private sector. What’s more, by 2023, the total value of the UK grocery sector is projected to grow 14.8% to £213bn.

GreenBlue ArborSystem used at Waitrose Droitwich

“Imagine the impact on climate change and the boost to biodiversity if supermarkets across the country utilised their car parks and their profits and made the car parks just a little bit greener.”
The UK’s leading B2B publication within the landscaping sector will be showcasing the good, the bad and the ugly while challenging and championing supermarkets to make a change.
“Our end goal is to see legislation that states supermarkets have to have a certain amount of greenery within their car parks. But if we can start a conversation with one supermarket and make a change there, that would be a win for us.”

Pro Landscaper is calling on the public to share their own snaps of supermarket car parks using #Greenisthenewgrey to catch the attention of supermarkets and champion change. You can also keep up to date with the campaign by following Pro Landscaper on all of its social channels @ProLandscaperUK.

Pro Landscaper is also asking supermarkets to get in touch to find out how they can transform their car parks to work for people, places, and nature. Its wealth of landscaping and horticultural contacts hold a wealth of innovative solutions and Pro Landscaper is on the lookout for a supermarket car park that’s willing to green itself up.

Rachael comments: “We know there’ll be challenges along the way, but ultimately, it’s a win for the supermarket and its customers, a win for the horticulture and landscaping industry and, most importantly, a win for the environment.”