Every year for the past five years, Central Scotland Green Network Trust (CSGNT) has hosted a Forum. The goal has been to draw high quality researchers and practitioners internationally. The network plays a vital role in drawing together representatives from the public and private sectors. We are delighted to support this network which sets out to coordinate the delivery of green and blue infrastructure across Central Scotland, to raise awareness and provide support to key Stakeholders in both the delivery and implementation process.
To further promote the contributions of the variety of high quality speakers from the forums, the network have been working with Professor Brian Evans of the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) to create an anthology of fifteen thought provoking and creative presentations.  GreenBlue Urban are proud to have sponsored the work and recognise the incredible foresight and energy both Professor Evans and his co-editor Sue Evans have put into the project. Collating the most up to date thinking in relation to green and blue infrastructure serves to engage and inspire Councilors, Members of the Scottish Parliament and practitioners to think outside of the box and investigate new ways to deliver the benefits of green and blue infrastructure in creative and cost-effective ways.
The launch event was characterised by a buzz of excitement which was testament to the wide spread appeal of the new compendium. Speaking to Muriel Gray of the Glasgow School of Art, where the event was hosted, it was clear that a multidisciplinary approach to sustainability and green and blue infrastructure was embedded within the culture of the network and the university itself. Prizes were awarded to students of Architecture who had best exemplified creative designs which had sustainability and green and blue infrastructure at their core. This event highlighted the importance of ensuring that students and practitioners alike view green space and a sustainable approach to design and planning as the new norm.