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Soil Cells – Saving you Time & Money!

Having spent the past 25 years in a process of constant research and innovation, here at GreenBlue Urban we are confident that soil cell systems provide multiple benefits that alternative tree pit methods will not be able to deliver and that saving time and money are critical factors to the implementation of a successful scheme.

Firstly, we have to ask the following questions:

Why are we installing tree pits?

Where are we integrating green infrastructure?

Who is responsible for the implementation and maintenance?

How much space do we have to work with?

These questions are as relevant for contractors and installers as they are for those who design schemes.  So why do soil cells represent the most effective solution for reducing time spent on site and achieving value for money?

Easy to deliver and store

UK design and manufacture enables a reduced lead time on all orders so you get the products when you need them.

Installation with ease 

With our instructions and on-site support, it couldn’t be easier to get the system in the ground with little prior knowledge. Forget long, drawn out and complicated processes – think simple, click together RootSpace units that won’t slow you down.

southmoor durham rootspace installation
RootSpace installation – Southmoor, Durham

Flexibility and Adaptability

We know that there are many instances when you’re on site and you encounter obstacles and below ground infrastructure you hadn’t accounted for. This is commonplace and the design of our units means that when this happens you can effectively modify the design to suit the context.

RootSpace Installation – Selfridges, Duke Street

Highways and Utilities

Whatever the scenario we have a solution that will work to your advantage. Load bearing systems such as ours enable you to work around the usual challenges thrown up with working on the highway and dealing with utilities. We have installed a number of schemes where working with highways teams and utilities companies could not have been more streamlined and efficient and the results are stunning.

selfridges on site

RootSpace installation around services in Southwark, Kings College Science Gallery
RootSpace installation around services in Southwark, Kings College Science Gallery

Long-Term quality

Both below and above ground. No costly replanting or redesign years down the line when the trees are failing.  Visible results and increased canopy cover quickly!

st pauls cathedral
Established and thriving trees – St Paul’s Cathedral

Getting mature trees into concrete jungles in the centre of London.

wembley stadium urban trees
Established and thriving trees outside Wembley Stadium, London.

We know that the reputation of contractors and sub-contractors rests on a ability to work quickly and efficiently on site and to leave a long term legacy of quality public realm.  We can assist in the delivery of projects so that your brand is enhanced through co creation of public realm and infrastructure projects that stand the test of time.

I would just like to take this opportunity in writing to say a thank you to your team for the delivery to the above contract on Monday. I only placed the order on Thursday due to design delays but you still managed to deliver on time.

I would also like to say that I stayed on site this morning and assisted with the initial installation of the RootSpace and found your product to be amazing when installed correctly. We had a few service conflicts on site and reduced size in tree pit width but we over came these issues with a quick call to Adrian – our GBU Contact!  – Ashlea Ltd