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Tree Planting Products

Products for Urban Planners & Contractors

Tree Planting Products

Products for Urban Planners & Contractors

At GreenBlue, we are passionate about trees having the best possible opportunity to thrive in urban environments so that they can provide all the inherent benefits they bestow on mankind.

GreenBlue Urban pride themselves on their unrivalled knowledge and experience in establishing canopy volume trees in urban areas – taking a holistic approach to integrating green and blue infrastructure into our towns and cities.

As leaders in urban tree planting, GreenBlue strives to be at the forefront of tree planting technologies.

Urban Tree Planting Systems

All the key elements of a successful urban tree pit layout.

  • ArborSystem
  • ArborCharge
  • ArborFlow
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Soil Cells

Load-bearing soil cells also conducive to root growth.

  • RootCell
  • StrataCell
  • RootSpace
  • RootSpace Ocean
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Stormwater Management

Sustainable and effective drainage systems for SuDS.

  • ArborFlow
  • HydroPlanter
  • Kerb Inlets
  • ArborCell
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Irrigation & Aeration

Efficient systems for proactive tree irrigation.

  • RootRain Metro
  • RootRain Civic
  • RootRain Urban
  • Auto Irrigation Adapters
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Root Management

Root barriers for maximum growing advantage.

  • Flat Root Barrier
  • Ribbed Root Barrier
  • Root Directors
  • RootForm
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Rootball Guying & Tree Ties

Anchoring solutions for new tree plantings.

  • Tree Ties
  • Nature Tie
  • Plated Guying Systems
  • Drive-in Anchor Systems
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Tree Surrounds

Our high-quality tree protection products will help protect your investment in trees.

  • Tree Guards
  • Tree Grilles
  • Precast Grilles
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Green Wall Systems

Enhance living and working environments with ecologically sound green walls.

  • Light Climbing Systems
  • Heavy Duty Climbing Brackets
  • Vertical Planting System
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Tree Planting Media

Urban tree health is inextricably linked to good quality uncompacted soil.

  • ArborSoil Hydro
  • RootSoil 20
  • RootStart
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Street Furniture

Our high-quality street furniture compliments any landscaping scheme.

  • Park Benches
  • Litter Bins
  • Bicycle Stands
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GreenBlue Gardens

Order high-quality gardening and landscaping products online.

  • Tree irrigation
  • Tree staking
  • Outdoor living
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