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The world’s first soil cell system brought to market in 2001 as a soil-structure system for small tree pits.


The RootCell system originally developed in 2001 following consultation with landscape architects, local authorities and leading tree experts. The concept is simple – topsoil is the most favourable, natural rooting medium.

RootCells provide the load bearing structure preventing the soil from becoming compacted and lifeless. Furthermore, the long term root zone can be maintained by incorporating RootRain irrigation/aeration in the design.

Compatible with Root management products, underground guying, tree grilles and resin bound gravel.

  • Load bearing – RootCells have been independently tested to sustain loads of up to 80 tonnes per square metre evenly distributed.
  • When loaded with topsoil, RootCells are 92% soil by volume.
  • Maximises rooting area for the tree.
  • Easily installed in modular form.
  • Constructed from 100% recycled plastic.
  • Long term root zone management is possible when installing in conjunction with RootRain & RootDirector products as shown.
  • Promotes a multiple rooting pattern more suited to urban locations.


Product code GLRCMA
Description Recycled plastic rigid skeletal interlocking ring structure
Material Recycled HDPE
Dimensions 250mm x 250mm x 90mm
Loading Capacity 80 metric tonnes per square meter evenly distributed load


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