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Multiple Ways to Transform Your Urban Space

GreenBlue Urban is passionate about beauty for great reasons. By adding trees and foliage to the inside and outside of your urban space, you are not just bringing a WOW factor to your tenants and customers, you are showing them that you care about their physical and mental health as well!

Look closely at the space around you. Now visualize with us for just a moment – rather than concrete flooring and sterile walls, let’s bring some life-giving outdoors into that concrete space. A garden area with modest trees and foliage, providing a casual sitting area just outside the entrance or even in the foyer. Or a cascading green wall rising and displaying gorgeous seasonal flora that greets your employees in the courtyard. The possibilities are endless with the cutting-edge technology of GreenBlue Urban.

It is conceivable to grow full-sized trees indoors due to the development of GBU’s soil cells. Soil cells create viable soil conditions beneath pavements and roadways, so what was once was just a dream to urban dwellers is now quite achievable! First developed in 2001, this technology was the first commercial soil cell on the market and has now produced literally thousands of trees in urban settings.

Now consider that colossal brick wall just outside (or inside) the entrance to your establishment. Rather than the cold brick construction, imagine a cascading green wall that brings not only a beautiful visual touch, but fresh and healthy air to all who enter. GBU’s Green Wall Climbing Support Systems allow you to bring a touch of architectural flare to your city space, inside and out.

And outstanding products are not all GBU provides. The ongoing technical advice and support that clients receive from our experts means that green wall or those lovely trees will be hydrated properly, grow up and flourish, providing exactly what you envision for your urban space.

Obviously bringing trees into urban spaces offers some unique challenges. GBU not only wants your space to be green, but attractive. A wide assortment of root anchors ensure that trees grow straight, healthily, and visually appealing.  And yes, healthy, secure roots CAN grow under concrete, bringing no damage to construction but vital beauty to your surroundings.

It is well-proven that curb appeal increases the value of property. A beautiful building attracts customers and tenants now, but it also adds considerable value to your property in the future.  The investment you make in your environment today will be generously returned for many years of city life ahead.

There is no need to dream about what could be. Contact GreenBlue Urban today to see how soil cells, climbing support systems, and root anchors can be integrated into your space and bring beauty, health, and value to your urban setting for years…even generations…to come!