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Navy Pier


Chicago’s Navy Pier redevelopment project has been designed to revitalize 50 acres of urban lakefront area. The Navy Pier is already a spectacular global destination enjoyed by millions of visitors each year. With Phase 1 underway and Phase 2 planned to commence this year, this revitalization scheme will be a model of sustainability for the city that will improve the health and vitality of the local community.

Designed by renowned landscape architecture firm James Corner Field Operations, the plan puts the latest in ecological design principles and environmental best practices to work. Calling for a complete transformation of the Navy Pier’s outdoor landscape into a more vibrant setting for recreation and social life.

With the keen emphasis on environmental sustainability, the project contractor and architect turned to GreenBlue Infrastructure Solutions to provide the systems required to ensure longevity of the trees being planted. Using the StrataCell structural soil support system, the Navy Pier was able to ensure that the new trees planted would live a long and healthy life – while providing the load bearing characteristics required for the area.

The resulting green oasis will invite visitors to escape the hard edges of the downtown city and enjoy unfettered views of the majestic waters of Lake Michigan in a more natural setting. Through this sustainable design, the Navy Pier has the potential to make a major positive impact on the environment.