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Navy Pier – Chicago, IL


Chicago’s Navy Pier redevelopment project has been designed to revitalize 50 acres of urban lakefront area. The Navy Pier is already a spectacular global destination enjoyed by millions of visitors each year. With Phase 1 underway and Phase 2 planned to commence this year, this revitalization scheme will be a model of sustainability for the city that will improve the health and vitality of the local community.

Designed by award-winning landscape architecture firm James Corner Field Operations, the plan incorporates the latest in ecological design principles and environmental best practices. The waterfront transformation has turned the Navy Pier’s outdoor landscape into a more vibrant setting for recreation and social life.

With the keen emphasis on environmental sustainability, the project contractor and landscape architect turned to GreenBlue Urban and the ArborSystem to ensure longevity of the newly planted trees. GreenBlue Urban soil cells support the load-bearing requirements of the high traffic pedestrian area, while providing uncompacted soil volume to the trees being planted to ensure healthy root establishment.

The tree grove promenade of locally-sourced mature Acer Fremanii Marmo maples and WOW American sycamores has resulted in a green oasis that invites visitors to escape the hard edges of the downtown and enjoy unfettered views of the majestic waters of Lake Michigan in a more natural setting. The trees planted in the ArborSystem had root balls up to eight feet in diameter. Through this sustainable design, the Navy Pier has made a majorly positive environmental impact.

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