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Getting Autumn Ready – Let’s Get Planting!

It’s time to wish the summer of 2022 goodbye. The leaves are falling from the trees, the darker evenings are setting in, yet nature continues to grow. With tree planting season upon us, the well-known statement: “Right tree, Right place, for the right reason and in the right way” comes to the forefront of our minds once again.

COP27 currently being held in Egypt marks the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change with important goals for improvements to air quality, biodiversity, water, and waste reduction, halting a decline in deforestation and decarbonisation by 2030.

With Climate Change clearly on the minds of all, companies are quickly sourcing ways to reduce their carbon footprint, many are taking to offsetting with forest tree planting, which is fantastic to see, reforestation is much needed for the long term, however, how can we make a difference now specifically within this tree planting season period?

A great time to get involved in community tree planting is during The Tree Council’s National Tree Week, which takes place annually at the end of November.  If you are unable to get involved you can always provide a gift donation to help support the tree and hedge planting during this crucial time!

Autumn Colour at GBU HQ!

At GreenBlue Urban we believe that street tree planting should focus on quality rather than quantity. The current push for increased numbers of new trees in streets is, on the surface great – but will they survive long enough to repay us for the cost of growing and planting the tree? Discover more on our ROI Guide  If we are serious about using trees to help mitigate climate change and to bring biodiversity to our urban areas, assist with stormwater management and enhance health and well-being then we need to articulate that, and then justify the investment needed.

Too often, tree planting, both on new builds and retrofit planting is done to meet planning requirements or arbitrary planting schedules hoisted on the street tree team by the higher echelons in the local authority – known as cynical tokenism. The use of tree numbers as political weaponry is unhelpful – what matters is how many trees  attain maturity.

Tree installation begins!

When planting trees it is important to understand that every tree needs access to an adequate volume of uncompacted soil volume, water, air and support to keep it until it establishes its rooting system, protection against damage and maintenance. In reality, recreating the natural environment in which the tree would typically grow in the wild: planting in soft areas, is usually a simple procedure.

Tree Planting in hard-paved areas

Where there are high levels of compaction below the surface and where impermeable surfacing prevents water ingress into the rooting zone, a more specialised engineered solution is required. The GreenBlue Urban RootSpace soil cell system supports the paving or roadway above and keeps the soil aerobic and uncompacted and in optimum condition for root establishment.  Root management solutions such as ReRoot barriers, Root Directors and RootForm encourage roots to go deeper, moving them away from sensitive surfacing areas. RootRain irrigation and aeration products ensure that water and air are delivered directly to the emerging fibrous roots, saving water from evaporation, and encouraging deeper rooting and better drought tolerance.  Arborguy underground guying systems keep the tree upright whilst allowing stem movement; this stem movement releases a root growth hormone, kick-starting faster establishment and earlier independence in the landscape.

Tree Planting in soft areas

Newly planted trees in soft areas should include products such as stakes, guying and irrigation methods in line with best horticultural, Arboricultural and urban forestry practices. Our e-commerce site Green Blue Gardens holds stock of all your ancillary tree planting supplies you will need during planting season.

Wembley Stadium

With these vital planting methods, our trees stand a far better chance of a healthy long-term tree canopy, and this should be the number one reason for planting. This planting season ensure you are enabling canopies for centuries.

Keep us informed of your tree planting activities – we would love to hear at  [email protected] or simply tag us on social media @GreenBlueUrban for a re-share.