Top Tips for Getting Winter Ready!

Designing and maintaining landscapes that not only provide vibrant, colour throughout the summer but also easily handle the bleak conditions of winter is certainly a challenge! The most effective strategy is often to utilise hardy herbaceous plants (groundcovers, perennials, grasses, and annuals), that die back in the winter, enabling exposure to harsh conditions that transform […]

Plant a Tree for 23

National Tree Week is finally here, time to get the wellies on and venture outside to plant a tree that will thrive in 2023, join us for our annual #letsgetplanting campaign! Trees and hedgerows are some of the most powerful resources in mitigating climate change. The critical factor of this method is that we can all […]

Let’s Get Planting – National Tree Week

As the winter nights draw in those daily walks become shortened as the day becomes dark and we wait for weekends to enjoy those crisp autumnal walks along our valuable public green space. Consequently, at GreenBlue we feel that now is a perfect opportunity to celebrate National Tree Week.  27th November – 5th December sees the most significant […]

Onsite or Offsite, the Biodiversity Dilemma

Biodiversity net gain: three words that might strike terror into the heart of someone who wishes to build on their land. What is it, and how can I comply with upcoming legislation? The BNG legislation included within the Environment Act 2021 is simply a requirement to increase measurable biodiversity on a designated parcel of land by a minimum of […]

Getting Autumn Ready – Let’s Get Planting!

It’s time to wish the summer of 2022 goodbye. The leaves are falling from the trees, the darker evenings are setting in, yet nature continues to grow. With tree planting season upon us, the well-known statement: “Right tree, Right place, for the right reason and in the right way” comes to the forefront of our minds once again. […]

How Much Space is Required for SuDS?

Early in the development process comes the allocation of land for buildings, paving, open space and drainage requirements – usually this allocation is reflected in the value of the land. The land is a diminishing resource, and to make profits, developers have to allocate land in the most effective way. For generations, the percentage of […]

Resources to Enable Green Infrastructure Targets

When designing a new development proposal, how many times have you received pushback with regard to how much green infrastructure is on your plans? Too little? Too much? No matter how big or small, and no matter what the current state of the plot is, we must demonstrate a measurable increase in the biodiversity fostered […]

Bringing Nature to your Doorstep

Biodiversity surrounds us in our everyday lives without us even noticing, from the birds in the trees above us, to the worms in the soil beneath the insects that fly around us and us. We live in a world where nature came first, yet with all the publicity of climate change, we still continue to […]

LTOA assessing Tree Establishment in Hackney!

Street tree planting is a much-debated subject, and one about which everyone involved has their own opinion; what tree species, how much soil volume, maintenance requirements, potential pavement breakup, leaf litter, vandalism and many other challenges are regular issues which we at GreenBlue Urban face every day. The London Borough of Hackney probably has the […]

Green Sports Stadiums are Leading the Way!

There is no better feeling than being a part of a significant sporting event, feeling the positive outburst of support amongst the crowd. The anticipation of intense competitions, the togetherness of the chanting spectators, live sporting coverage by various platforms and the nervousness and excitement from the athletes themselves as they walk onto the arena […]

8th September – A Date to Remember

Our 30-year celebrations came to a close with our final event held at London’s most technologically advanced venue: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which took place on the 8th of September, alongside industry colleagues and friends. The GreenBlue team welcomed guests with an extraordinary pitch view, with the famous Tottenham emblem of a gold cockerel standing tall above.  […]

Greening Our School Infrastructure

As part of the Levelling up White Paper, government initiatives pledged £1bn to rebuild schools and set out to improve classroom capacity and targets achieved, with recent guidance for local authorities to support in and out of the classroom. The mission for education: for 90% of pupils to achieve the expected standard in reading, writing […]