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Let’s Get Planting – National Tree Week

As the winter nights draw in those daily walks become shortened as the day becomes dark and we wait for weekends to enjoy those crisp autumnal walks along our valuable public green space.

Consequently, at GreenBlue we feel that now is a perfect opportunity to celebrate National Tree Week.  27th November – 5th December sees the most significant annual tree celebration marking the start of the winter tree planting season.  In conjunction, our #LetsGetPlanting campaign, by which we celebrate tree planting projects across the UK and the number of organisations that are assisting with community planting projects and raising awareness of the benefits that our urban trees provide raising awareness and the importance of improving woodlands and transforming our towns and cities to help improve the health and quality of life not just for now but for our future generations.

For example, The Tree Council dedicate the entire week to a themed campaign and this year The Hidden Connections highlights the fascinating world of tree roots with a dedicated session from Sharon Durdant-Hollamby and a further workshop relationship between Trees and Fungi  – discover more on how to celebrate, plant and donate at:- National Tree Week: free arts & culture events – The Tree Council

With reforestation, an impactful way to save the planet why not support a trusted project that offers to plant a tree simply for a newsletter sign-up, Ecologi are a perfect example! Many local authorities and charities are in receipt of funding to action community tree planting – including Trees for Cities is always looking for volunteers!


With tree planting season in full swing, GreenBlue has plenty of resources for your installation needs, including videos and install guides – can’t find what you are looking for? Simply contact us and one of the experts will be on hand to help!

Throughout the week and December, GreenBlue will highlight our frequently asked questions relating to the tree planting season with a wealth of resources to support your every need.

Will also include some fun facts, our favourite projects and of course species selection.  As part of our campaign Let’s Get Planting we will also be donating for tree planting as part of our Carbon Offsetting strategy.

Keep us informed of your National Tree Week activities – we would love to hear at [email protected] or simply tag us on social media for a re-share.

Did you know we have an E-commerce platform for your tree-planting needs:-