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ArborCharge combines electric car charging with GreenBlue Urban’s ArborSystem & ArborFlow to create the ultimate, multi-functioning tree pit system.

Meet the GreenBlue Urban ArborSystem combined with Arborflow to create ArborCharge. The new package is simple to implement and meets many of the policies and aspirations set out by the government and local authorities, from sustainable drainage systemspollution-free travelreduction of temperatures in urban areasimproved air quality and other environmental interventions that will improve the quality of life for workers, residents and those who visit.

Additionally, what is so unique is that the tree that is central to the whole GreenBlue Urban ethos is guaranteed to grow to species potential size and age, continuing year after year to bring the huge benefits that only a mature healthy tree can provide.


  • Ideal for use in an urban environment where lack of space is a problem.
  • A fully integrated package ensures product compatibility.
  • ArborFlow specified systems reduce the flow rate of water run-off so that the system meets authorities’ allowable discharge rates
  • Filters out harmful pollutants and contaminants
  • EV Charging system is scalable and modular, making future expansion simple.
  • Smart & connected EV chargers with market-leading reliability.
  • Enables the integration of further IoT services (5G) to monitor air quality, traffic, and more.
  • Save money on the costly excavation for either tree pits or EV charger installation by combining both.


  • Cable management.
  • Tree guard fixing bracket.
  • Multiple charging points.
  • Scalable EV charging infrastructure.
  • Combine EV charging with SuDS & urban tree planting.

Please download our online datasheet for further specifications or contact one of our technical advisors.

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