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Quotation to Seamless Installation

Green infrastructure is often described as a series of interconnected networks of multifunctional green space, providing multiple benefits and accommodating sustainable developments. These elements include parks, open space, trees, both street and private, playing fields, woods, private gardens, allotments and green roofs and walls.

Based in the South of England, GreenBlue Urban has grown every year since its inception and our passion for planting right-first-time, allowing canopy maturity, is evident in our ethos. Our programme of continuous product development, exhaustive research in conjunction with overseas partners, ensures that specifiers, clients, and contractors can rest assured that the systems we offer for green infrastructure and urban planting schemes represent the very best in the sector.

As part of our specification support service, GreenBlue can review all designs, offering advice on various scenarios and planting requirements for different tree species based on their requirements. With experts in Policy and Planning, we will also assist with the implementation of urban greening for regeneration, highway retrofit and new housing with the inclusion of SuDS including our Bioretention HydroPlanter.

Our products are easy and quick to install, designed to work around underground constraints. Flexible, modular soil support systems enable you to work around services and utilities.

We offer free on-site technical support for every installation to ensure tree pits are installed correctly at the earliest stage.  Key reasons why GreenBlue is a great choice of supplier for urban tree planting products:

    • Flexible designs with a multitude of planting solutions
    • UK manufacturing
    • 100% recycled, recyclable material
  • Arborsystem is the world’s only complete tree pit system
  • Latest innovative design tools and drawings
  • Global expert advice from planning, design to implementation.
  • Free onsite support to ensure ease of installation
  • Pavement support systems work around utilities with ease
  • Proven track record of long-term successful projects
  • ArborAdvance – the only 15-year tree guarantee

Local authorities, landscape architects, engineers, contractors and other related professionals increasingly turn to GreenBlue for guidance and best practice advice on tree planting. As the UK’s market leader in specialist tree pit products, we offer more than 40 years of frontline experience in the field. Our support service, unrivalled in the tree-planting world, can help you to achieve your vision of a long term urban canopy cover.