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Slowing the Flow at Flood Expo

Finally, we are jumping for joy to announce that events are back!

It was a pleasure to be public-facing again whilst exhibiting at the NEC Birmingham for FloodExpo 2021. The team were delighted to meet with professionals from the water industry, whilst displaying our innovative SUDS related products and new marketing collateral on our eye-catching stand.

Two unmissable days of free advice and education surrounding the challenges faced by the increased pressures of flooding were enjoyed by all. Sharing thoughts and ideas all with a smile were welcomed, as we were able to meet new industry colleagues and some known friendly faces with many networking opportunities available including relaxed lounge areas for a less busy and quiet space to discuss projects and business with industry colleagues whilst enjoying a fresh coffee or lunch.

In attendance were a mixture of suppliers, local authorities, waste management companies and landscape architects/planners from across the globe, all of which have been working hard to meet climate goals and reaching the 2050 net-zero carbon race.

Spread across six separate zones within the hall, FloodExpo welcomed 400 exhibitors and experts who demonstrated innovative products and services.  Specialist speakers across the board presented flood management talks on natural flood management infrastructure and SuDS with panel debate sessions analysing thesis for EPR, Cop26 and Nature-based solutions.

Some examples of interesting presentations from inspiring professionals were, Renuka Gunasekera, Technical Director at Arcadis Consulting discussed;

‘Maximising flood resilience and wider benefits by holistic design solutions’

Simon Gilliland, a Chartered Civil Engineer at WSP highlighted;

‘Transformational innovations in flood risk management and resilience.’

Alongside these flood management advocates stood our very own presenter, Howard Gray addressing the topic, ‘Slowing the flow, close to source’. Within our presentation and on our stand showcased GreenBlue’s sustainable urban drainage system – ArborFlow.   A tree pit solution that has been developed as an effective and environmentally robust means of managing surface water run-off.  Ideal for use in urban areas where space is at a premium, ArborFlow markedly reduces the velocity and flow rate of surface water run-off in urban areas. Designed for a given catchment area it can contribute towards meeting the discharge rates allowed and set by regulatory authorities.

Crucially, the ArborFlow stormwater management tree pit system filters out harmful pollutants and feeds the tree the vital water it needs to thrive in the built environment.

GreenBlue’s more recent SuDS offering is HydroPlanter, the ‘plug and play’ sustainable urban drainage rain garden solution that can attenuate and cleanse stormwater and provide amenity and biodiversity to new and existing spaces. The modules are filled with a particular soil specification and planted with wildflowers and biodiverse grasses. The concept is flexible and scalable using 100% recycled material with each unit stacking together, offering a convenient solution that any subcontractor can work with and install. Installation is fast, simple and offers significant savings to alternative methods.

We would like to thank all of you who joined us at this year’s first flood exhibition for 2021, designed to educate and provide expert advice for flood professionals and developers to discover nature-based solutions to deal with our ever-changing climate and increased flooding.

The industries passion is clear, the importance of recycling, resource, waste management and dealing with water at the source is essential. It is up to us to spread the word and make these changes now.

Discover more highlights video including interviews with Simon Gilliand and Jo Bradley of Stormwater Shepherds here.

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