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11 Tree Experts & Organizations You Should Know About

Local tree experts and organizations can be a valuable resource not only to landscape architects and contractors working on landscape infrastructure projects, but also to local residents.

Tree professionals are likely to know about your local tree ordinances and other ways to protect and increase urban tree populations.  Below is a list of the types of individuals and organizations that should be able to help with any urban tree inquiries.  Remember, it takes a collaboration amongst several different professions to ensure the sustainability of our urban landscapes.

  • Urban Foresters, Arborists, or Horticulturalists
  • City Forestry Department
  • City or County Parks & Recreation Department
  • City or County Department of Public Works
  • National and/or Local Nonprofit Community Forestry Organizations
  • Heritage Tree Protection Groups
  • Neighborhood Planning and/or Improvement Groups
  • Local Tree Conservation Commissions
  • Urban Forest Councils
  • City Councillors or Urban Planners
  • Alliance for Community Trees