Working with the EU Interreg Program - GreenBlue Urban
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EU Interreg

Named The Interreg 2 Seas  2014-2020 is a European Territorial Cooperation Programme part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.  The Programme will aide local and national governments to conduct research to develop and deliver better policy relating to environmental efficiency.

The project promotes cross-border cooperation between the coastal regions of 4 Member States in what the EU defines as the “2 Seas” area:

This includes the regions of:

  • England: South-West, South-East and East of England
  • France: Departments of Nord, Pas de Calais, Somme and Aisne
  • Belgium (Flanders): Provinces of West-Flanders, East-Flanders and Antwerp
  • The Netherlands: Province of Zeeland and the coastal areas of the Provinces of Zuid-Holland, Noord-Holland and Noord-Brabant

The highlighted regions with dense urban population and increasing heavy rainfall due to climate change are struggling to cope with stormwater runoff, existing infrastructure is now under consideration in how to retrofit sustainable urban drainage (SUDS) where space is at a premium.

GreenBlue Urban in collaboration with Natural Infrastructure Team and Plymouth City Council is proud to be a major partner in this project. Having visited municipals detailing the benefits of SUDS Tree Pit Design we will continue to create innovative new solutions for such retrofit scenarios, specifically in older town and city centres with complex and often restrictive existing infrastructure that will deliver societal benefits as well as saving public money through cost-effective design and implementation.

To discover more on the program, click here and to access the manual click here.


Cool Towns

The Cool Towns cooperation is made up of 13 European partners with the goal to combat the negative effects caused by climate change within our towns and cities, through the innovative use of green and blue infrastructure.

With GreenBlue Urban’s experience and expertise in integrating urban trees into the hard landscape and the multiple benefits these trees can bring to all those that live, work and play in the urban environment, GreenBlue is proud to support the Cool Towns initiative.

The Cool Towns cooperations is funded by the Interreg 2 Seas Programme 2014 – 2020, in collaboration with academic research institutions and governmental organisations.