The Vital Role of Perennial in the Horticultural Community

On 17 January 1839, The Gardeners’ Benevolent Institution was founded at an annual dinner held for ‘nurserymen, florists and amateurs’ at the Crown and Anchor Tavern off the Strand in London. Today, known as Perennial, this charity has provided unwavering support to those working in horticulture for 185 years. As we mark this significant milestone, […]

Where does our run-off pollution end up?

urban trees

The final destination of the contaminants from our runoff from rain events is getting more and more attention as the public becomes more aware of the value of clean watercourses. Road runoff, in particular, is causing concern, as the potentially toxic “soup” can pollute rivers and streams, damaging wildlife and aquatic biodiversity. All runoff contains […]