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Commonwealth Games Arena


Hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games meant much more for Glasgow than a brief increase in profile and revenue. As part of a wider regeneration program, the games will be of lasting benefit to the city. The design incorporates quality infrastructure with a supporting tree planting scheme.

The prestigious Games Village in the Clyde Gateway regeneration area has been designed with the help of Commonwealth athletes, creating a new community on the banks of the River Clyde. It is twice the size of the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games Village, giving the athletes space to stretch out, meet new people and make use of the on-site training facilities throughout the games.

The aim was to create high-quality streetscapes that would complement the new arenas providing an attractive external experience for visitors. The features specified as part of the new design were of course trees, many were set within the paving scheme. In addition to supplying several hundred of our ArborGuys for the scheme, GreenBlue also provided the designers with advice on urban tree planting that would ensure the long term health of the trees whilst simultaneously protecting the integrity of the exposed landscape.

The GreenBlue ArborGuy tree guying system was chosen due to its many advantages over tree staking and its suitability for large root-balled trees. The rootball of the trees are held in position by driving three guying anchors into the base of the tree pit and then fastening a ratchet strap over the rootball. To support the sustainability of the trees looking into the future decades of the site, the system is designed to be re-tensioned if needed.

The construction project required a total workforce of 200, including 20 new apprenticeship places, and 84 staff will be employed by Culture and Sport Glasgow to operate the venue, once opened. It is estimated that over £500 million will be invested in the city’s venues and infrastructure as a direct result of the Games − leaving a legacy that will prove to be of greater value to the city. The development of the National Indoor Sports Arena and Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome will showcase Glasgow and Scotland to an international audience, and continue to benefit the country for generations to come.