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Ipswich 21st Century Highway Improvements


Ipswich project is a £21 million package of traffic management and promotion of alternative travelling choices to address the main transport issues facing Ipswich. It also includes substantial regeneration of the Ipswich City Centre. Major routes are being upgraded, with new street furniture, paving, road layouts, and major additional tree planting. The project, partly funded by the Department of Transport, has been run by Suffolk County Council, partnering Ipswich Borough Council.

In Ipswich, the Civic Drive/Franciscan Way Roundabout, regarded as the gateway into the town, is surrounded by tired looking buildings and needed regeneration. This junction is radically changed with improved pedestrian and cycle facilities.

Major tree planting on three sides of the area soften the whole street scene. Obsolete subway ramps find new life as tree pits. Kings Landscapes, working with GreenBlue Urban, reconstructed them to provide adequate, uncompacted and sustainable tree rooting volume utilising GBU Arborsystem, load bearing modular StrataCells. Associated soft landscaping complements the transformed urban environment.

Founded in 1992, GreenBlue Urban was set up to research and provide solutions to assist trees in their battle to survive in urban spaces. With the goal of drastically improving urban tree welfare and leaf canopy in urban areas, GBU analysed the challenges and the reasons for premature mortality in urban trees. The solutions were systematically researched and products and systems developed. As market leader in specialist tree pit products, they offer the benefit of more than twenty years frontline experience including exhaustive research, and field trials.