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Kingsmere, Bicester


The strategic position of Bicester, exactly midway between London and Birmingham, has long made it a useful market town, close to the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire border. Although the town only dates back to the Saxon times, the real growth has occurred since the construction of the M40 motorway, giving Bicester outstanding road links.

Bicester enjoyed two separate rail lines during the 1900’s; one from London to Birmingham, and the other the “Varsity Line” running from Oxford to Cambridge. The latter line was closed to passenger traffic following the railway closures during the late 1960’s but has now partially reopened from Oxford to London via the new station, Bicester Village. The British Government chose Bicester as one of the sites for a new “Garden Town”, as the town clearly had potential space and infrastructure to cope with more population. In particular, the reopening of the rail line to Oxford has allowed those priced out of Oxford to afford a decent property at a reasonable price.

One of the new villages built on the south western side of Bicester has been named Kingsmere and provides nearly 1600 new homes carefully landscaped to give residents a pleasant and healthy environment. Working with one of the developers, Bovis Homes, GreenBlue Urban supplied ArborSystem tree pit products to guarantee healthy long-term tree canopies. This was insisted on by Cherwell Valley District Council as part of planning conditions.

The installation contractor Agetur constructed the tree pits with GreenBlue Urban StrataCells, Root Management irrigation and aeration products. The trees have thrived, and as can be seen in the photograph, have massively outperformed those planted in soft landscaped areas.

We are pleased to show two trees in the same position only three years part – the astounding growth shows how good volumes of uncompacted soil enables these fantastic features to soften harsh urban zones and give a maturity to a place.

If we are to provide long term quality places, that are resilient to climate change and adaptable to what needs may appear in the future we must consider how we plant our trees. Plant now properly, the GreenBlue Urban way and future generations will be thanking you!