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KÖ-Bogen Königsallee


The “Königsallee” in Düsseldorf is a very prestigious and well-known street. Lovingly referred to as the "KÖ", Königsallee is a lively shopping paradise and exciting "going-out" mile all rolled into one - a catwalk for the fashion-daring and a rest stop for epicures. It is this inimitable combination of extravagant luxury and Rhineland joy of life that turned the KÖ into a world-renowned trademark and turned a street into an attitude towards life.

In the last few years there have been very extensive construction works on this street and the surrounding area. The city council wanted to create a more open space city with attractive squares, promenades, and new architectural buildings.

It also included many trees being planted and as it is a high profile location, the architects and city council decided to include certain products to help the trees thrive in the areas where the trees were planted in compacted surroundings. The StrataCell system was installed on the KÖ-Bogen together with the RootDirector and RootRain ArborVent irrigation system.

For more information on this project, contact our German partner, Greenleaf Deutschland.