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Northwood Hills


The Northwood Hills project received £1.3 million investment from the GLA and £461,000 match funding from Hillingdon Council. The high street in Northwood Hills has been restored as a gateway to north-west London's unique green spaces and heritage. Shop fronts and public spaces have been rejuvenated to make the centre more attractive and encourage local people to make better use of it.

The Northwood Hills project delivered a comprehensive public space scheme which has rejuvenated the town centre including a series of improvements to roads and transportation arrangements.  Prior to development many shops were vacant - within a year there was a waiting list.

Joel Street has been resurfaced and the parking bays redesigned to allow safer entry and exit onto the high street. A new central boulevard has been introduced which allows for safer crossing and it has been planted with 35 carpinus betulus frans fontain trees to provide an attractive feature.

Sirous Ordoubadi of Hillingdon Council quantified that “the central boulevard has made the area attractive, fashionable and environmentally friendly for local residents and visitors of Northwood Hills Town Centre.  Initial concerns and challenges were overcome from the advice of GreenBlue Urban.”

GBU were pleased to provide a package to include StrataCells 30, Arborvents, RootDirectors, Geonet, Deadman AnchorSystems, & Precast Arboresin.

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