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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium


Tottenham Hotspur is a sports and leisure Stadium constructed in 2019, overlooking the stunning London city skyline. This world-class multi-use theatre can hold 62,850 attendees on football match days, shapeshifting into an entirely new venue for other events such as Rugby, Concerts, and the famous American NFL league.

The stadium itself has been acknowledged as the world's most technologically advanced stadium due to its chameleon nature to transform and adapt, depending on the event that is being hosted, also adopting an adventurous outdoor range of activities including ‘The Daredevil Skywalk,’ on the exposed stadium rooftop, highlighting the stadium bowl in all its glory, you can even step out onto the glass apex flooring, a staggering 46.8 meters above the pitch itself. Alternatively, if you are feeling even more fearless you could clip in and descend over the edge of the podium.

The Sports Positive Sustainability League, which is an independent environmental sustainability division, assesses the football clubs across the Premier League, measuring their environmental credentials. As of 2022, Tottenham Hotspur has been recognised as the greenest club and most sustainable football team within the premier league. The Club is a signatory of the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework, including the high ambition track “Race To Zero,” committing to halving emissions by 2030 and being net-zero carbon by 2040

The new stadium – and development around it – will bring in an additional 980 jobs, housing, and a major economic boost to the area with approximately £293m being pumped back into the local economy each year. Through the Northumberland Development Project, the club has also built 256 affordable homes elsewhere in North Tottenham and a 400-pupil primary school.

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy said: “A major economic boost to the area. Alongside this, the council has committed to delivering thousands of new homes in North Tottenham to meet urgent needs, including a large contribution to our pledge of delivering 1,000 new council homes by 2022. Our number one priority is that any change in Tottenham works for our existing residents and businesses – they are at the forefront of all of our plans and always will be.”

During the construction, the landscaping outside of the venue was just as important as the team’s ethos inside, welcoming the spectators into an inviting, calming and attractive entrance.

The tree planting located on the High Road has allowed the stadium to consider its sustainability objectives in terms of reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality and biodiversity for all by contributing to the area's enhanced green canopy cover.

Working alongside Landscape Architects Populous, Landscape Contractors; Willerby Landscapes, GreenBlue Urban assisted with the design for installation of 6 trees using RootSpace 600 below ground to create a healthy linked space. ReRoot 600, ArborGuy Deadman Anchors, RootSoil 20 and RootStart Mycorrhiza will all support root growth and maximum maturity. The finished look was complemented with a series of Clyde FTS Tree Grilles providing a high-quality finish for this high trafficked area.

Tottenham has been making active movements toward a sustainable future, such as donating trees to local green spaces, players sharing a coach powered by green biodiesel, using nothing but 100% renewable energy and offering a new carbon zero sustainable menu on site.

We could all make changes to commit to reducing our carbon emissions from a business to a personal level.

In the words of Tottenham’s motto: ‘To dare is to do’. We can push ourselves out of our comfort zones and design sustainably, enabling quality schemes that have a huge impact on our local areas.