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Our recommendation will always be to provide tree roots with the substance nature intended. In the long term, urban tree health is inextricably linked to the soil the roots are growing into. GreenBlue Urban are continually studying this subject and our goal is the provision for the urban tree of a soil which mirrors, as closely as possible, a ‘forest floor’ soil condition and content.

Our studies have led us to excavations in natural forests as well as urban tree planting sites around the UK, seeking out the most favourable rooting conditions – and their common characteristics. This has revealed that uncompacted, free-draining fertile loam soil is the most root friendly substance on the planet.

GreenBlue Urban

Why use GreenBlue planting media for tree planting?

Optimal Growth

Not all tree planting mediums are conducive to tree growth. GreenBlue urban’s soil media are specifically designed to achieve maximum canopy volume.

Soils for SuDS

GreenBlue can specify soils for SuDS applications, for rain gardens and tree pit design.

'Forest Floor' Conditions

All of GreenBlue Urban’s planting media are engineered to be as close to a ‘forest floor’ soil, in both condition and content.

Our range of tree planting media


RootSoil 20 is our premium blend of quality sandy loam topsoil providing the ultimate in tree health, growth and longevity. Proven by decades of urban tree planting.


  • Excellent friable texture
  • Carefully controlled clay, silt and sand levels
  • Well balanced organic content
  • Meets stringent test standards

ArborSoil Hydro

ArborSoil Hydro Subsoil should be used directly beneath the tree rootball in all SuDS pits to eliminate the occurrence of anaerobic conditions.


  • High tolerance to repeated flooding
  • Excellent nutrient retention
  • High levels of water pollutant removal
  • Specification designed by leading soil scientist

RootStart Mycorrhiza

Root Start is GreenBlue Urban mycorrhiza inoculant for use when planting trees in urban areas. Achieve better uptake of fertilisers – when applied after planting, the network of mycorrhizal fungi acts like a net catching nutrients and prevents leaching.


  • Greater nutrient uptake for newly planted trees
  • Improved tree drought tolerance
  • One treatment lasts a lifetime

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