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Enabling Seamless Specification

Did you know GreenBlue Urban offers FREE Urban Tree Planting Design Services?

At the start of any new project, planning correctly and including all pertinent parties is crucial to the success of any project. Including properly planned green spaces provide a wealth of benefits, long term tree canopy enables benefits not just for health but also economic commercial gain and reputation for land owners for successful projects.

chicago riverwalk trees integrated into stairs

It has been a long-term ambition of GreenBlue’s to make it easier for Landscape Architects to specify products and design a tree pit with ease, our new ArborSystem Configurator tool hosts a wide selection of tree species to compliment designs with a range of infrastructure scenarios. Incorporating ArborFlow ensures SUDS/LID tree pits are also an option for planners and designers. The main purpose of the configurator tool is to enable the right size tree pit using proven products for optimal tree growth. Thus, underlying the GreenBlue Urban mission of enabling sustainable cities through green and blue infrastructure.

GreenBlue Urban is always aiming to help our clients in any way possible, we want to ensure that incorporating our services is a seamless experience from start to finish. We are proud to offer design services to implement an ArborSystem layout for you completely free of charge, saving your team time and money!


Including GreenBlue Urban from the start of planning can help to offset concerns right from the get-go. We can assist with the pre-planning for municipalities and collaborate with all parties to ensure design objectives are met. GreenBlue Urban also offers a team of designers, ready to help implement our systems into drawing and free CAD drawings online for quick reference

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“It was very helpful for GreenBlue to provide materials. Coordination with the team at GreenBlue was good all along the planning phase as well as during construction.” Testimonial from City of Montreal

Speak with your GreenBlue Urban consultant today to learn more about our free services and see how GreenBlue Urban can help in your next project.