Further Modelling Guidance Tools

With the recent success of last year’s publication detailing the methods of Sustainable Drainage System modelling design using MicroDrainage, GreenBlue are pleased to launch a further publication detailing how to use the Causeway software for the same purpose.

Again, we would like to thank the team at McCloy Consulting for their technical expertise and guidance to create the publication that we know will be of benefit to all in the planning and design of sustainable urban drainage solutions; in particular the modelling workflows for the GreenBlue Urban SuDS solutions HydroPlanter and ArborFlow.
This guide highlight approaches needed to calculate for inflow, representing interception loss, modelling outflow and the steps needed to fully incorporate a bioretention rain garden and tree pit solution.

GreenBlue Urban Hydraulic Modelling Guidance – Causeway Flow. Available for download.

Causeway’s cloud licensed drainage design tools to offer a complete end-to-end solution enabling engineers to design optimal and UK compliant drainage schemes efficiently and cost-effectively.

Causeway Flow is a hydraulic modelling package for the design and analysis of optimal, compliant and cost-effective storm and foul water drainage networks. The solution has been developed by industry experts for organisations looking for a robust, intuitive, and complete solution.

Whether standalone (Causeway PDS) or embedded within the AutoDesk environment (Causeway SmartTools), the powerful CAD interface provides a single, all-encompassing solution enabling any flow controls and storage devices in addition to the drainage networks.

GreenBlue welcomes further collaboration within an industry that is growing in crucial importance. We are also thankful that more are considering nature-based design solutions as a medium to help combat the effects of flooding and aid stormwater management. The key is to join forces with all stakeholders at the master planning stage to ensure developments are the success from the very beginning and will continue to be for decades to come.