Trees, Stormwater & the Built Environment - Podcast
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Introducing Trees, Stormwater & the Built Environment – A Podcast by GreenBlue Urban

GreenBlue Urban are delighted to announce the launch of our new podcast – Trees Stormwater & The Built Environment. These downloadable podcasts are designed to provide a diverse range of content which will respond to the increasingly complex issues related to green and blue infrastructure in the built environment.

We understand that there are so many exciting innovations and new methodologies out there. A number of fascinating projects are being delivered in urban realms throughout the UK, North America, and beyond that, when shared, increase the collective knowledge and power that industry professionals will gain to respond to the challenges our urban areas face. Now, more than ever, people are waking up to the value of natural infrastructure in our towns and cities and there is a rapidly increasing body of research available to support increasing canopy cover globally. Our podcast interviews will include academic researchers and those delivering projects on the ground, and we will endeavour to provide interviews from conferences and events across the world.

These podcasts will not be limited to a narrow audience. We hope to bridge the gap between private and public sector, to deliver content that will be of value to those operating in a local authority context, whether you are a landscape architect in a private practice, a civil engineer on a highways team, and urban forester for a municipality, an urban planner, an elected member of council, or a contractor or developer. No matter your profession, if you work on the design or construction of the urban landscape, we’re here to bring you relevant news that will help you understand the quickly changing dynamics of this space.

We’ll be releasing a new episode every two weeks, in order to bring you the most relevant industry updates. The website is designed so that you, the audience, can interact with us, to respond to podcasts and content, to share content that will build upon the conversations we record. As a result of our extensive work and collaboration with private and public sector companies and associations, we will be uploading case studies, thought pieces and sharing resources that will cover topics including, but not limited to:

  • Sustainable Urban Drainage
  • Retrofitting Trees
  • Green and Blue Infrastructure Policy – The Policy and Politics behind Canopy Cover – Interviews with politicians and officers from all tiers of government
  • Highways and Civil Engineering – Integrating Green and Grey
  • Urban Design and Amenity
  • Natural Infrastructure and Health
  • Global Outreach: Projects and Schemes
  • Innovations and Research – Interviews with those at the forefront of research

This knowledge hub will become a powerful tool for all of us in the field who are committed to delivering high-quality schemes, engaging in creative design with nature and who are keen to discover the myriad of possibilities afforded by LID / SuDs compatible soil support systems.