StreetPark - Beautiful & Functional Furniture Collection
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Introducing StreetPark – Beautiful & Functional Furniture Collection

Over the years, GreenBlue Urban have widely echoed the numerous worldwide studies on the importance of having trees in retail areas; proving that the presence of healthy mature trees positively influences shopping behaviour. These studies showed that customers are willing to pay 9 to 12% more for goods and services in a shopping area with large, well-cared-for trees.

Sadly, as we know, the COVID pandemic has had a profound impact on our already struggling towns and cities. With an average 88% reduction in footfall across UK high streets and 75.9% on larger city centres, we face one of the biggest retail challenges seen since the arrivals of the department store, out of town retail parks and of course, online shopping.

In safer times GreenBlue hopes to see the return of the street market, attracting localised custom and restored social interaction. Outdoor open spaces need to be used more effectively for health and wellbeing, training equipment available for all ages and public areas enhanced for educational purposes. We will, no doubt, see more leisure and hospitality opportunities appearing, with outside dining and event spaces being created. GreenBlue Urban believes that there will be many more urban pedestrianised areas with dedicated nearby areas for EV Charging – recreating our town centres as destinations where we want to be and want to stay. Maybe there will be an increase in Park and Ride services, as towns and cities increasingly ban private vehicles from their central districts. It is also important to make sure that we do not forget the ongoing need for green infrastructure and management of stormwater to combat the climate change emergency and plan for net-zero by 2030.

Introducing StreetPark UK

With the emphasis on adapting to change, GreenBlue Urban is excited to launch its new range of street furniture collections, designed to further enhance public realm urban tree planting and landscaping projects.

StreetPark offers a range of innovative and extremely cost-effective urban furniture solutions including benches, litter bins, bicycle stands, tree surrounds, information boards, bus shelters, tables and drinking fountains.

All products are available in a variety of wood and metal finishes, allowing designers to not only enhance but add a wow factor to any scheme; not just beautiful but functional but ergonomically designed for comfort. The StreetPark range is an exclusive GreenBlue Urban brand offering to the UK – please let us help you revive your city in a truly stylish and sustainable way!