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Onsite Support = Long Term Solution!

GreenBlue Urban are committed to successful trees; long term mature canopy cover being proven to give multiple benefits for all who live, work and play in our urban areas.

Long established Trees at the Old Bailey, London.

To assist the contractor with excavation, GreenBlue Urban provides accurate dig dimensions, minimising adjustments required once RootSpace soil cells are being installed. This service can save hours on site.

The delivery support for the installer is second to none. Working with a range of transport operators, we cater for specific delivery schedules and options to suit every site requirement. From timed delivery slots, FORS approved vehicles and self-off load, your needs can be catered for to ensure a smooth “just in time” operation.

Once the GreenBlue Urban products are on site, each pallet is clearly identifiable, with installation instructions and components. This helps with correct movement of pallets to the tree pit area.

Our trained and qualified technical advisors are glad to attend site to assist with the first tree pit installation, working with other disciplines on site. These often include civil engineers, utility providers, crane operators and project management. This service is free of charge, and can help overcome many of the below ground constraints which often unexpectedly appear.

Tree Planting with Civic Trees at St Martin’s Precinct, Caversham ©Barton Willlmore.

This service enables you, the installer, to have total peace of mind as to the installation, knowing that the tree will have the best chance of obtaining species potential. GreenBlue Urban offers the unique “ArborAdvance” warranty system, where the health of a tree planted in the Arborsystem is guaranteed for 15 years. (Terms and conditions apply).

Further advice is available where necessary, with a fully manned Technical Help Line, and if necessary, a technical Advisor can re-attend to make sure that the whole installation is painless.

Thank you GreenBlue Urban as a whole for sticking with what was at times a testing site.  Look forward to working with you all again soon.  The experience has certainly cemented my thoughts both about the product line, but also and important for me is the team behind them – Malcolm Yull, Barton Willmore. 

Often GreenBlue Urban are asked by local authorities or main contractors to sign off the tree pit installation as acceptable and in accordance with their installation instructions. We are very happy to do this if adequate site monitoring has taken place, current Testimonials support this.

GreenBlue Urban; growing our reputation by growing yours!