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ArboResin ​Precast

Arboresin Precast tree grille is a significant new development from GreenBlue Urban.

Arboresin Precast tree grilles consist of precast resin-bound segments which are manufactured off-site in a quality controlled environment. This does away with any on-site mixing as the segments are already cast and simply locate into our standard 1200mm square DTS tree grille frame.

Cast within each segment is a specially designed preformed matrix of steel reinforcing rods. These add significant strength to the segments as well as providing a fixing point for the inner ring. A GreenBlue Urban vertical steel tree guard can then be bolted to the inner ring. Also cast into one-half of the precast segments is a GreenBlue Urban Arborvent irrigation inlet. This durable cast aluminium inlet is simply connected to the 60mm diameter perforated pipe system surrounding the root ball.


  • Simple and clean installation
  • Can be installed in cold and damp conditions
  • Strong construction to support tree guard
  • Resists light vehicle overrun
  • Grille is part of our DTS fully integrated system


GreenBlue Urban’s Arboresin Precast tree grille can be supplied in any of the following standard aggregate colours. Brittany Bronze, Silver Grey, Red Granite.

1200mm two part DTS galvanised outer edge frame 2 No. 1200 x 600mm Precast steel reinforced Arboresin segments (colour of aggregate to be specified) Arborvent cast aluminium irrigation inlet – precast into one half segment Irrigation pipe grip bracket ensuring correct alignment of pipe with Arborvent inlet 2 No half rings for internal connection of precast segments

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