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Resin bound stone offering simple and clean installation.

ArborResin is an ADA compliant, slip-resistant, and extremely porous permeable paving material. It is non-cracking through freeze thaw and can withstand heavy pedestrian traffic to light vehicular traffic. It is a well-proven, hard-wearing porous tree pit surface that offers an attractive aesthetic appearance. Loose stones are a nuisance in pedestrian environments and asphalt or conventional paving has the effect of an impervious cap over the tree root ball area.

ArborResin stone is bound together using a very high strength resin which prevents the gravel migrating beyond the tree pit. The nature of the resin bond results in a highly porous, tree friendly surface immediately surrounding the tree – or other areas of interest such as sidewalks.


  • Surface allows free flow of air and water to tree root zone
  • Will Support light vehicular traffic
  • Avoids problems associated with loose gravel
  • A choice of different aggregates available


Grille is part of our DTS fully integrated system.

  • Triple washed and dried stone graded to 10mm
  • Two part resin system
  • Standard galvanised frames available

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