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KerbFlow Inlets

This inlet gives a simple and durable means of conveying rain water run-off into the catchment zone for attenuation.

Heavy-duty closable stormwater steel kerb flow inlet for integration in roadside SUDS tree pit designs.


  • Controls road salt in connection with SUDS tree plantings
  • Available with 3 or 6 sluice hatches
  • Closable with a simple tool to control flow
  • Finishes come in stainless steel or corten



The inlet is closable with a simple tool, so that in the event of prolonged winter waterlogging there is no risk to of over saturation to the tree pit. Heavy duty in available in Corten & galvanised steel.

Kerb Product Length Depth Height Code
GBUKI 3 Gate 323mm 120mm 250mm GBU1I3G
GBUKI 5 Gate 531mm 120mm 250mm GBUKI5G

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