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Vela Bench

A typical bench in modern design is available in a wide range of versions.

A typical bench in modern design is available in a wide range of versions. It is sufficiently dimensioned but optically light, and its inconspicuous construction supports a distinctive floating wave made from lamellas that invite you to sit on. Everything is rounded and therefore so pleasant.

The supporting structure is made of galvanized steel and is treated with powder coating. A seat and backrest are made from solid wooden lamellas that are attached to the supporting structure with stainless screws. At the bottom part of the bench, there are four holes for anchoring to the base.


The only series from our collection containing more and more desirable deckchairs. They are suitable not only for private exteriors but also for hotels or restaurants where visitors can enjoy relaxing on the terrace or under trees after a good meal.

The advantage of this complex series is double-sided benches that can also be used as a dividing element for wide paths or large areas. They allow you to choose the direction of seated position towards the sun at any time of a day.


The soft and rounded shaping makes this bench series very attractive to sit on. The elegant curve of the seat turning to the backrest offers several options for sitting. The raised version provides extra comfort.

Design Types Dimensions L×W×H
LVL1 1800×969×732 mm / 54 kg
LVL2 1800×524×420 mm / 27 kg
LVL3 1800×1033×1024 mm / 65 kg
LVL4 1800×1618×732 mm / 92 kg
LVL5 600×1586×820 mm / 44 kg
LVL6 600×1572×990 mm / 44 kg
LVL7 1800×676×864 mm / 50 kg
LVL8 1800×424×72 mm / 10 kg


Metal Part Options

RAL 7016

RAL 9005

RAL 9006

RAL 9007
Wooden part Options

Tropical w.



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