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Revolutionising Infrastructure: Unveiling Tomorrow’s Highways!

Highways UK stands as a pivotal event within the United Kingdom’s vast transportation and infrastructure sector. This event provides a unique platform for professionals, experts, and key stakeholders to convene and delve into the innovative developments, technologies and strategies that hold the potential to enhance our national highways.


Four key topics were highlighted:

  • Sustainability: The core theme engaged participants in dynamic conversations regarding eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting and innovative green infrastructure designs, minimising our environmental footprint.
  • Smart Infrastructure and Materials: Encompassing next-generation communication networks and technologies for adaptable modern demands.
  • Funding and Investment: Focusing on public-private partnerships and financial approaches.
  • Safety and Innovation: From smart road signs to innovative electric vehicles.

During the event, several theatres provided opportunities for engaging in discussions, including the dedicated local authority theatre, the innovation stage sponsored by Amey, and the sustainability theatre sponsored by Skanska. In one notable panel discussion, ‘Utilising Highway Verges for resilient roads in the face of an ever-changing climate’ GreenBlue’s Public Relations Specialist, Howard Gray joined industry colleagues from National Highways, South Gloucestershire Council and Kier Highways.


The potential value of our highway verges was debated, realising that this huge linear asset has great opportunities. Our highway verges stretch as far as to the Moon and back, and in urban and peri-urban areas provide habitat for wildlife and could generate energy through effective management with the biomass. National Highways now recognise this asset, and with local authorities and county councils are innovating ways to reduce the need for maintenance, but still glean extra benefits. A great discussion with far-reaching possibilities. Thanks to all who contributed.

Our dedicated team were actively present for the full two days, where we had the pleasure of displaying our innovative ArborSystem products including the SuDS tree pit surround, StormForm® – part of the ArborFlow® family – developed as an effective means of managing surface water run-off through tree pits. Ideal for use in urban areas where space is at a premium, StormForm® handles extreme rainfall events in urban areas with ease. Considerable interest and high-level conversations regarding Reluminate® also took place. A completely Off-Grid lighting solution Reluminate provides a true zero-carbon solution, not only eliminating any use of grid energy, reducing the expense and inconvenience of power infrastructure installations. With a low cost to purchase and install, and zero maintenance, going Off-Grid means it will quickly pay for itself.

“As an organisation that is passionate about greening up our urban environment and highways, our experience at the UK Highways Event was nothing short of remarkable. We were proud to collaborate with other industries on how we can transform the urban landscape into a green oasis, emphasizing the importance of sustainability. We’re grateful to the organizers and attendees for making this event a platform for transformative collaboration. We look forward to continuing our journey toward more sustainable cities.”

Dale Bowie, Key Account Manager, GreenBlue Urban

The event was not all business, it was an opportunity for delightful interactions. Many of you joined our team for a round of crazy putting where discussions were enlivened by shared laughter and competition. Notably, the event coincided beautifully with the launch of our latest Highways Guide. To explore the guide and gain collaborative insights from key contributors you down download the brochure HERE.

In conclusion, Highways UK was an event that mapped the future of the UK’s infrastructure sector, promising innovation, sustainability, and a shared commitment to safer, greener highways for all.