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Trees Make Places Friendly

Trees make places work, look and feel better. As well as playing a role in climate management our neighbourhoods and supporting human health and environmental well-being, trees can also help to create conditions for economic sustainability and success.

Lambeth in London offers a direct example of how trees have been implemented to create these exact conditions.

To start a clever initiative was derived that would create a sense of community within the neighbourhood using trees. Local councillors and school children joining the Trees for Cities at a street tree plantings in Cold Harbour and Rush Common as part of a 175-tree programme of plantings for the area.

London planes, cherries and ornamental pear trees were planted as Forestry Commission’s London Tree and Woodland Grant Scheme and the Mayors Street Tree programme, delivered by Groundwork, and the London Borough of Lambeth.

The Mayor of London’s street tree programme identified priority areas across all London Boroughs desperately in need of street trees. A street tree transforms a local landscape, adding colour and texture throughout the year, providing new habitats for wildlife and improving the general street environment for all by providing shelter and shade.