Kampus, Manchester - GreenBlue Urban

Kampus, Manchester


The award nominated KAMPUS development in central Manchester reflects the vibrant culture and creativity brought by young professionals and students to the youngest UK City outside of London. The recognition of this encouraged Capital & Centric to see Manchester as the next prime opportunity to create a new community designed around perks that act as a draw to younger people with studio apartments and 1-2 bed apartments having an available cinema room, private dining rooms, 24/7 gym facilities, onsite bars and restaurants and accessible green spaces on ground level, balconies and roof top terraces that residents can enjoy!

Situated beside the historic Rochdale canal and bounded by two major roads, the flashes of living green set against the restored sandstone and warm red brick buildings and old cobbled streets, makes the juxtaposition of the rustic atmosphere and the modern architecture the perfect place to soak up the moment. With perennial trees and flowers that remain vibrant all year round, the green spaces at KAMPUS can be enjoyed come rain, shine, winter or summer: a living oasis in the heart of the metropolitan bustle- no surprise that this unique development has been shortlisted for the enviable Housing Design Awards 2022 prize.

Exterior Architecture, (responsible for all public realm included within the Aytoun Street Strategic Regeneration Framework) designed these urban gardens at the centre of the scheme, aiming to create a green corridor weaving in and out of the building footprints, resulting in a unified sense of place across the site. KAMPUS was created as an ideal space for congregation and socialisation within the vision set out by Shedkm, HBD Capital and other stakeholders.


Sophie Parker-Loftus of Exterior Architecture is an advocate of designing healthy long-term established green infrastructure, using nature based solutions. By including GreenBlue’s Rootspace G2 Soil Cells, along with other essential urban tree planting products (RootRain Urban Irrigation, RootRain ArborVent Aeration and ArborGuy Strapped Anchor guying system) the trees planted in this scheme have the optimum rooting volumes to allow the trees to grow to maturity and exist for future residents of the City for many years to come.


It is early planning for larger masterplans such as KAMPUS that ensure quality sustainable and recycled solutions are adopted, creating tranquility and thriving living features mirroring the blossoming young professionals that are also growing and learning within the area. P Casey were keen to implement the designs as the Main Contractors on this project and ensured all products were successfully installed as best practice methods.


The Bungalow KAMPUS, the community hub has been nominated for Manchester’s hospitality award ‘Best Pop-Up Project’ celebrating Manchester’s diverse history of food and drink and provides a unique space for the community and the private views from the balconies of The Stack building are some of the best Manchester has to offer – so many wonderful changes being opened up through this scheme.


When next in Manchester, it is highly recommended that you take a walk through the spaces of KAMPUS, an entire new community on your doorstep ready for you to explore and savour for the long term thanks to GreenBlue Urban in harmony with nature.