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ArborGuy Drive-In Anchor

Underground tree guying system that is safer, more effective, and more aesthetically pleasing than traditional staking.

This method of securing trees has many advantages over staking and is suitable for large root-balled trees. The rootball is held in position by driving tree anchors into the base of the tree pit and fastening the ArborGuy ratchet strap.


  • Out of sight anchoring
  • Wide webbing strap will not cut into the rootball
  • No extra protection mat required
  • Anchor head designed to eliminate damage to buried wires and utilities


  • Three high strength steel anchor wires
  • Single piece, wide webbing anchor strap for fast installation
  • Integral ratchet tensioner
  • Fully complements GreenBlue Urban packages
SASMCB Up to 8″ (25cm) Girth Trees Medium anchor strap system with medium drive-in heavy-duty anchors
SASLCB Up to 16″ (45cm) Girth Trees Large anchor strap system with large drive-in heavy-duty anchors

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