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Knockroon Estate, Scotland


In 2007, His Royal Highness Prince Charles; The Prince of Wales (formally known as the Duke of Rothesay in Scotland) initiated work in conjunction with the Scottish Government and multiple charities to produce a mixed-use development that would become an extension to the local town of Cumnock. This in return would support and regenerate the local economy in the depressed area of South-East Ayrshire.

The Prince’s Foundation For The Built Environment conducted an Enquiry by Design to research options for potential development sites, which subsequently led them to discover Knockroon Farm. Knockroon’s land was adjacent to the historic Dumfries House Estate, (an 18th-century mansion and estate saved for the nation in 2007) presenting vast amounts of potential land to be constructed into a neighbourhood, designed and built to last.

The Prince wanted the new housing development to be a demonstration of his best work, and his key focus being sustainability principles. Knockroon would become an ‘eco-village’ and a champion for environmental sustainability, offering green spaces, wildlife reserves and safe streets. The village would also cater to tourists and small businesses offering local shops, cafes and leisure opportunities. The Princes Foundation focussed their main design principles around creating a streetscape where people would rather walk, cycle, and socialise than drive. Therefore, highway signage would not be a necessity and the streets conclusively more attractive.

After an elaborate amount of workshops and consultations with the Architects Ben Pentreath and Lachie Stewart, East Ayrshire Council granted outline Planning permission for 770 houses in 2009. Ben Pentreath and Lachie Stewart wanted to reflect the traditional architectural designs of Ayrshire in their plans, which were overseen by the development director, Andrew Hamilton. Construction commenced in 2011 and by 2012 many of the properties were available to view by potential buyers through the housebuilders; Hope Homes.

GreenBlue Urban was approached to assist with the designs for the ArborSystem tree pits working alongside Dumfries House, GreenBlue were able to advise on the correct soil volumes for the said species that would provide longevity and softening the hard paving zones which reflects the surrounding area of this beautiful Scottish region.

Installation of these 7 majestic tree pits using GreenBlue Rootspace soil cells, with Root Management; allowing roots to grow down to lower depths to avoid pavement heave. As seen in the photograph the trees have a sophisticated finish with the inclusion of Brittany Bronze Arborresin precast grilles and our RootRain Arborvent aeration 150 Inlets.

This project was largely successful due to the collaboration of the local authority, architects, contractors, and suppliers from the masterplan stage. The restoration and re-development of the Knockroon area bring great hope to the local community and has allowed a beautiful region of Scotland to be enjoyed by visitors and locals. The appreciation to His Royal Highness for giving back through The Princes Trust Foundation is evident by the positive feedback of this project.