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GreenBlue Urban RootSpace Ocean

Not every soil structure is conducive to the growth of plants and trees. Tree growth health and thus growth is strongly influenced by soil structure, as this affects the movement of air, water and nutrients necessary for trees to flourish.

Soil in urban areas rarely provides a favourable environment for trees to thrive. Soil compaction, lack of aeration, poor drainage, low nutrient levels and the existence of pollutants in soil retard root growth and make it almost impossible to succeed.

GreenBlue Urban offers landscape architects and designers load-bearing paving support systems that provide optimum soil conditions for root growth.

GreenBlue Urban

Why use a GreenBlue pavement support system?

100% Recycled

All of our soil cell systems are manufactured from 100% recycled material.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Our soil cell systems are manufactured in the UK, reducing carbon footprint.

Expertise & Experience

GreenBlue Urban’s soil cell range is backed by an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience.

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Introducing RootSpace Ocean

A pavement support system manufactured from recycled marine industry waste.


Our pavement support systems


The GreenBlue Urban RootSpace® system is manufactured with a lattice design, maximising vertical and lateral loadings, giving excellent soil volume for roots and to be utility friendly.


  • 100% recycled polypropylene
  • Panel system with 2 main interlocking components
  • Very open format with more than 95% soil void space
  • Unique airflow deck, giving even aeration to complete soil volume


The GreenBlue Urban StrataCell soil cell was computer designed to minimise transport costs and installation time, whilst maximising load-bearing capability.


  • Single component system
  • 94% soil by volume
  • Tool-less click together assembly
  • Available in two capacities – 30 Ton/m2 & 60 Ton/m2

RootSpace Ocean

A panel pavement support system manufactured from recycled marine industry waste.


  • Airdeck made from 100% recycled reclaimed ocean waste
  • Only 2 main interlocking components
  • Very open format with more than 95% soil void space
  • Lattice design maximising both vertical and lateral loadings


The world’s first soil cell system brought to market in 2001 as a soil-structure system for small tree pits.


  • The first global soil cell to market
  • 100% recycled polypropylene
  • The world’s strongest soil cell
  • Interlocking in all directions

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