How to Integrate Tree Pits into Complex Urban Environments
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How to Integrate Tree Pits into Complex Urban Environments

For Specifiers, the use of a complete tree pit package saves time and reduces the complexities of ensuring that below and above ground solutions for the tree are integrated.  This provides the long-term irrigation, aeration, support and protection for all urban trees that specifiers work into their projects. This is why GreenBlue Urban’s ArborSystem has been designed to do just that.

GBU ArborSystem – The Complete Tree Pit Package Solution

Since 1992, GreenBlue Urban has been committed to enhancing and developing this holistic tree pit approach. Our Design Guide and Online Configurator Tool are available for specifiers to explore the possibilities of our market-leading urban tree pit technologies.

Through a unique combination of root management, irrigation and aeration components, and the provision of uncompacted soil volume, specifiers can be confident that their urban trees can be used in proximity to buildings and highways, while ensuring that belowground infrastructure poses no problem. Our RootSpace side panels provide added stability and integrity to the tree pit.

Archway Gyratory Infrastructure redesign by TfL

Even indoors, it’s possible to use the holistic package to provide long term support – like the trees at the Canary Wharf in London and the Bank of Canada in Ottawa.

Award-winning design at the Cross Rail Canary Wharf in London, UK
Bank of Canda – Ottawa

The award-winning Canary Wharf and Bank of Canada projects are typical examples of how our suspended pavement systems are implemented in dense, heavily trafficked urban environments. They can be installed at various depths to ensure that there is a solution to suit every context.


Transport hubs constitute another key locus where interventions using urban trees provide both amenity and air quality benefits, such as the Aylesbury Transport Hub and Union Station in Toronto.


Aylesbury Transport combatting air pollution

Working proactively with local authorities and municipalities, clients and sub-contractors on a global scale, we are able to ensure that whatever the degree of complexity and challenge we can provide on-site solutions and technical support to translate design into high quality implementation.

Stepped Tree Pits at Chicago Riverwalk