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Mission – Possible!

The negative effects of climate change we see and hear worrying, the proven statistics are even more so.

Whilst we at GreenBlue Urban understand the urgent challenge of Climate Change, it is often presented as barely possible to halt; nevertheless, humankind has the power to press the brakes on what feels like a runaway train.

People are scientifically drawn to positivity; so we would like to show our optimism of what we believe we can do; by understanding and implementing the small steps. We encourage a positive perspective, as climate change gives us the greatest opportunity we have to pause, reflect, reset and reach a healthier and sustainable future.

York Place, Wandsworth

Man has been through many changes through the last millennium, from the cognitive, agricultural, scientific and industrial revolutions. Each time we have adapted to change, emerged stronger and further ahead, with of course the most recent global pandemic, Covid-19.

GreenBlue would like to ask the question as to why do some call it a climate change ‘challenge’ when others refer to it as an ‘opportunity’? A challenge can have negative connotations for many, particularly as there are still disagreements over what is causing climate change and what measures are effective as mitigation. We should each lookout for opportunities and look for ways in which every one of us can contribute to making our spaces more resilient.

Climate change is real. It is happening right now, it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating.”

– Leonardo Di Caprio, Actor & Environmentalist

We would like to celebrate the number of positive adaptations proposed at COP26, including a commitment to stop deforestation, reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and achieve net-zero. Innovations in regenerable power are being produced, such as low-cost solar, wind, and battery technologies that will halve the volume of conventionally generated electricity by 2030.

Wokingham Market Place

The UK Government’s 25-year plan has been supported by local authorities who have agreed to take an assertive leading role in preparing our towns and cities for change, promoting transparency, collaboration and industry involvement. This will create a wealth of green, blue, smart space and clean air opportunities for communities and stakeholders. Experienced in policy and planning, GreenBlue Urban can assist with the design and implementation of urban greening on space that can be easily overlooked, such as vertical facade greening with our climbing wall systems which can be installed together with stormwater management systems including the Arborflow tree pit system with the new and improved StormForm and bioretention Hydroplanter rain garden solution.

Kensington & Chelsea, Exhibition Road

With continued innovation, GreenBlue continues to adapt, with the upcoming launch, of our standalone off-grid street light, combining solar and wind power to provide the most effective Off-Grid light system on the market with  100% energy availability during dark hours, all year round – zero carbon – zero noise – zero-emissions – Email [email protected] to discover more.

Most importantly, a drastic shift in public opinion has been the driving force towards positive change. The younger generation has raised the importance of needing to act now by wanting to understand and learn more about what can be achieved. In September 2019, close to 6 million people around the world joined the global climate strike; whilst the protests were often led by younger people spreading the word through social media platforms, the event brought together individuals of every age and walks of life. The protest proved that we all have a voice and a part to play in tackling the climate crisis. True leadership in adapting to the climate crisis begins within ourselves and our choices.

Have you made your New Years resolutions yet? Together, we can make positive lifestyle adaptations to our mission…possible.