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ArborSoil Hydro MAX (ASH MAX)

High performance SuDS planting media.

Our recommendation will always be to provide tree roots with the substance nature intended – good quality uncompacted topsoil. Trees have been successfully growing in this for thousands of years.

ArborSoil hydro is a special mix specifically blended as a result of research and testing for SuDS tree pits. This soil type is designed to strike the optimum balance between high tolerance to repeated flooding, and highest nutrient retention.

ArborSoil Hydro Subsoil should be used directly beneath the tree rootball in all SuDS pits to eliminate the occurrence of anaerobic conditions.


  • Guarantees optimum tree health, growth and longevity
  • Provides excellent stormwater attenuation capabilities
  • Good water outflow quality


  • High tolerance to repeated flooding
  • Excellent nutrient retention
  • High levels of water pollutant removal

Designed to drain freely so that a tree pit can be used for water attenuation without affecting the health of the tree, but retaining adequate nutrient levels.

Code Description Unit
ARBORSOILHYDROA ArborSoil Hydro topsoil for SuDS tree pits Tonne
Deliveries Available Density
– Bulk bag – 20t rigid lorry – 29t articulated lorry – Grab lorry Approx. 1.5-1.6t per cubic meter


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